Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Starting it Right

One of the first things that we think to do when we are working on the our bathrooms is to get the shower and/or bathtub in shape. Clean it up and make it sparkly. Then, we get to dress it up. For a shower that means curtains, liners, and shower curtain "hooks". The first thing to consider is if you want a liner at all -- some shower curtains are water repellant and do not really need a liner unless you are really into "making a big splash" even in the shower.
We will assume that you do want a liner, so we are going to put our liners on the shelves at the fantastic garage sale.

There are two varieties of liners that we carry - vinyl and fabric. The clear vinyl liners come in an extra-long size (70" x 96") for those high ceilinged bathrooms. They are made from a 4 gauge product and resist mildew and bacteria growth ($6.00) The other clear vinyl ones measure 70" x 72" and are made from 12 gauge product and have brass grommets. These are considered "hotel quality" (whatever that means to you) and also resist mildew and bacteria growth ($7.00).

My personal preference is the fabric (white) that is also 70" x 72". It resists mildew and bacteria growth as well. This is a really good idea for our area with all the humidity that we have. This curtain also has the brass grommets ($8.00)

There are many choices for curtain rings or hooks but by far the sturdiest and easiest to use are the RollerRings which are nickel plated brass. They are especially perfect for the sleek, loft look or the ultra-chic "architectural" look ($6.00 package/12).

Next time we will look at some of the actual shower curtains that we have and the matching toweling and bath rugs and mats. We will keep items on our shelves here at the fantastic garage sale as long as we have them in stock -- after that, we move on to other things! Lots of things to think about when you think bath time! Give us a call if we can help you - let us know if you want us to have something ready for you when you drive by!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here We Go

In just a few days our pages here will be filled with the items from our Bath Department at the store. I have culled the inventory and sent over all the orphans and discontinued items that we have in stock. Here you will find great bargains in towels, bath rugs, shower curtains, shower liners, and other items. Perhaps we have just the right color, the perfect size, or the next great addition to your bath decor. Check back frequently as items will most likely come and go! If you see something that you want to purchase, send us an email or call us to make sure that it goes home to your house. We will have them ready for pick-up at the store.

Here you can see what we have at the shop. I will be selecting items for our blog sales and taking pictures of them and adding information about each item. In each new post I will be listing the specific items for that day's blog and the prices and amounts available. Check back daily for the newest items. You can search the archives for things that you might have missed and we will be glad to check for availability for you.

Now is the perfect time to add to your towel supply - well before the dog-days of summer make us crazy trying to find all those towels the kids were using in the back yard, by the pool, or to wrap themselves in while waiting for their clothes to come out of the dryer!

Go count your towels, face cloths, mats and rugs! Missing some pieces? Need another to finish out your supply? Look to see what we have that might just work. Give us a call or send us an email and let us know how we can help you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For Early Birds!

There is no such thing as an Early Bird here at our garage sale. Any time is the right time to come on in and take a look around at what we have just waiting for someone to discover. Every so often we look around the store (New Orleans At Home) and find that we are missing some pieces to a set - perhaps we have 7 napkins instead of 8, or 5 mats instead of 6. Then we have to decide what to do with these mismatches. And sometimes we have only 1 left - that is a true orphan! We are always certain that there is someone, somewhere who will love these things as much as we do. And so, here they rest just waiting for discovery and a trip to their new home. If you find something here you would love to discover at a garage sale, zip us an email and we'll give you the first chance to snatch it up before we put it out in the real world's garage sale. Might be fun, should be interesting, and I just may end up with some empty spaces in my garage.